5 Tips for an Effective Trade Show Booth Design

Once you’ve made the decision to take part in an upcoming trade show, it’s time to start thinking about your booth design and how it will affect your level of success. There are many elements that go into the design, from making your brand’s message clear to your booth visitors to learning what will make you memorable after the show. The key to a great design are the right graphics, even if technology is not your strong suit, sticking to the basics can make your booth design a success. Take a look at these five tips that will ensure your trade show booth design is effective and memorable.

Your company name and headline need to be highlighted

To begin with, you’ll need to make sure that your company name and a headline are part of the key elements to your display. Your images, message, and layout are the core of the display, so it’s very important that your company name and a quick description are obvious to anyone that stops by your booth.

You can choose a short headline that is easy to remember to convey your company’s description to those that want to recognize you and for those that have never heard of you before. Choose your words carefully, ensuring that your message is short and simple.

For those that don’t stop by your booth, seeing a glance of your display with your company name and headline may still make you memorable enough to search for you later online.  Keeping it short will make it easier to see your large letters from farther away, but be sure to choose your typeface carefully.

While you can’t tell your customers everything about your business in one headline, you can still capture their attention with a sentence and bullet points. Then, make sure your company name is prominent, along with your logo, because you paid to be here and people should be able to see you.

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Have you considered graphics?

Graphics are huge for trade show displays. It’s important to choose them carefully. Go with bold, clear, and simple images to be memorable and easier to sell your product or service. Don’t risk confusing visitors with something ornate or mysterious.

Select individual images that can improve your display without confusing. They offer a brief and bold statement, especially helpful for a newer company, and often graphics help newbies to be able to guess what your brand does.

Focus on the colors

Colors are everything with booth design. Your colors will make you stand out or blend in, and they will surely tell a story about what you’re about. Use your brand’s colors, or if you’re still trying to decide those, make sure you understand the differences that colors convey to a customer.

For your display, don’t use more than three colors because you want to get your message across quickly and simply, and excessive colors will slow that down. Don’t make your booth too “busy” or confusing to passerby’s. Bringing in a custom exhibit design will really make your brand pop among a busy crowd of other brands.

Lighting is very important

You may not have put much thought into lighting but this is a very important element. If people can’t adequately see your display, you may blend right in. Have a welcoming, clear, and intriguing booth is step one, while great lighting is step two. LED lights could go around your graphics’ edges as one easy way to brighten things up.

Don’t forget your website

With the rise in technology, people are no longer as worried about collecting and disturbing business cards. Now, it’s all about getting people connected to you online right away. Incorporate your contact information into the advances in technology by including a QR code (those barcode-style images that can be scanned on smartphones) into your display so that visitors can scan it and go right to your website. You’re creating an experience while encouraging an interaction after the show.

With all of the advice out there on trade show booth designs, these five tips will ensure that you’ve covered your bases. Now you just have to decide what you want to present to all of the new clients you’ll get to meet at the show!