10 Trade Show Booth Games to Create Buzz

Creating buzz around your trade show booth is vital to your overall success. You need people to not only notice your booth, but also spend time at it so that you can get your product or service in front of them. With the right game, you can get them to stop, play and associate fun with your brand. Adding something fun to your booth is one of the best ways to gain attention. You will have a better chance to engage visitors and create brand recognition. Here are ten games capable of creating buzz and helping you become memorable at your next trade show.

A Prize Wheel

Thanks to game shows like "Price is Right" everybody wants to spin a prize wheel. Adding one of these to your trade show booth will catch the eye of attendees and create plenty of buzz. The prize wheel can include coupons for your business, gift certificates and even a larger price on a very small space that's hard to land on.

You can have attendees submit their business card or fill out a small form with their contact information in order to spin the wheel. Then, they get the smaller prize right away and they are entered into a drawing for a larger prize at the end of the show.

HCL Trade Show Prize Wheel

HashTag Contest

A very popular way to create buzz on social media is a hashtag contest. This allows you to have show attendees tweet about your company using your show hashtag. Then, ever hour or every day, you can select a random person using your hashtag to win a prize.


If you want a very simple type of game to draw attention, add a simple putting game to your trade show booth. Have participants try to make the putt and if they do, they win a prize. Of course, if they don't they still get entered into a drawing for a prize at the end of the show.

Photo Contest

Creating buzz with pictures online is a great way to cover multiple social media platforms and get your brand out there. With a phot contest, you can have participants take a picture at your booth and share it on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram or another social media channel. Then, you can choose the best picture for each day to win a prize.

Customized Counting Game

Everybody loves to try and guess how many is in the jar. You can customize a counting game to fit your specific type of product or service, such as using golf tees if you sell golf equipment or using drywall screws if you're a home improvement company. Fill a large jar or other type of clear container with the items (make sure to count how many are in the container) and have participants submit their guess with their name, email, address and phone number. Then, the closest guess at the end of the show wins a prize.

Other games you can incorporate into your trade show booth include:

  • Fishbowl drawings for prizes
  • Video Game Console, such as Super Nintendo
  • Arcade Game
  • Trivia Game
  • Photo Booth

Choose the game that fits with your type of company and the industry you're in best. Then, make sure it's set up in a unique way and captures leads you can contact after the show. Of course a Professional Trade Show Designer like Nimlok NYC can help you put your ideas into reality.

Barclay's Trade Show Games by Nimlok NYC